Use Email Marketing To Reach Your Target Customers

Some professionals have long since deserted email marketing services for social media, video tutorials and pay-per-click ads. While these play crucial roles in the marketing mix, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach your target demographic. In fact, Inc. estimates that it is 40 times better at achieving this than even Facebook or Twitter.

Boost Your Results With Email Campaigns

Why is email marketing so effective and what is it that takes it 40 notches higher than other methods?

  • Consumers who opt into email subscription lists are more committed to continued communication than someone who follows or likes a page.
  • Emails offer the greatest opportunity for personalization and addressing people by name, compared to social media, video ads, etc.
  • Email campaigns offer much greater opportunities for customizing the message to attract and intrigue your specific audience.
  • For B2B marketing, emailing executives may be more effective than impersonal ads and social media posts.
    There are more people with active email addresses than active Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Get Your Campaign Started

While email campaigns do well overall, how effective they are depends on the skills and creativity of the marketer in charge of this campaign. Why settle for less than the best? Contact Whitefish Marketing for more information today.