No matter what industry your business belongs to, you probably know that digital marketing has planted its flag as the biggest force to change advertising in a generation. New media is changing the way we think about spending our ad dollars and how to reach our audiences. That said, it’s a broad, ever-changing, and intimidating landscape, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here is some information about the most popular and effective forms of digital marketing to help you get started.

Pre-Roll Ads

Let’s start with a format that works across nearly any digital marketing platform: video. Short pre-roll ads that last six to fifteen seconds are particularly effective. When a viewer clicks on a website’s player to watch video content, pre-rolls play ahead of them. They have become commonplace enough that people expect them, tolerate them, and usually even watch all the way through. If you have sharp creativity that gets to the point quickly and ends with a strong call-to-action you may find great success by purchasing pre-rolls.

Instagram Tags

Instagram offers a personal look at people’s lives through photos and videos, without much of the baggage of news and opinion posts that are often found on Facebook and Twitter. It is also a great channel for digital marketing as it lends itself to images that feature products. By using its photo-tagging feature, you can easily describe and price items from your inventory in a way that seems very in-place and organic in your audience’s Instagram feeds.

User-Generated Content

One of the great advantages the internet offers is that you can enlist your customers to do some of your work for you! You can put out a call through social media or email blasts for them to send you user-generated content, such as videos showing how they use your product or testimonials about why they love it.

Content Marketing

Finally, some of the most powerful digital marketing is the kind that gives your audience a direct benefit. Some examples of this (known as content marketing) include step-by-step DIY videos that can show how to complete a project or cook with a recipe. These can also be simple blog posts. The key is to cultivate goodwill with your brand by providing useful information.

Digital is a great equalizer in the marketing world since it can be utilized by a business of any size with any (or no) budget.