Using the internet to market the services of your business is a fantastic way to expand your reach and see more customers through your doors. Of course, you also need to go about the process in the right way. While there are many different ways to market yourself online, email remains one of the best options. This means you want to put a strong emphasis on email marketing when you’re looking to boost your business. The CTA, or call to action, at the end of an email can make all the difference in how the message is received.

Understanding CTAs

A CTA is a reminder to the email recipient to take action after reading about all of the exciting promotions mentioned throughout the message. Sadly, the practice can be transparent to some consumers. While it is obvious that you want the message to result in visits to your website or social media channels, coming across as too demanding or desperate can turn off a potential customer. This is why the exact language and structure you use can make a big impact on your success with utilizing email to your advantage.

Finding Inspiration

There are a number of simple ways you can change how you go about including CTAs in your email marketing. Instead of exclusively adding these to your promotional messages, you might want to expand the ways you utilize a call to action. For example, a number of professionals see success by including CTA messages in their email signatures. This is a subtle and effective way to get people to notice you business when you are sending messages that do not specifically revolve around your company.

Creative Linking

A CTA does not need to bring a person back to the main page of your website. In fact, it is more advantageous to guide a consumer to a page other than your main landing page. Research shows that content is the most intriguing thing to someone browsing the internet. Having your CTA link to a relevant blog post on your website can be a great way to encourage a consumer to visit your site, read the blog post, and continue to click and shop around to discover what you have to offer. Get creative and see improved results.

There are a number of different ways to use CTAs in your marketing pursuits. Look into various strategies for email marketing CTA options and in no time you will be ready to create a message that gets your point across with ease.